Miss Me?

I know, I know… I went missing for a few months. Old Man Winter came up to the great white north lands of Minnesota and I… kinda turned into a hibernating creature. Put my cameras away, got a new “real job”, and fried my desktop. But the snow is finally gone, the leaves are budding, and the cars are coming out of storage for another summer in the sun, and I’m ready. I’ve had a few shoots already, so let’s go over those, shall we?


A few of the guys in my car club have been building new rides all winter, and they went on a little trip down to Dubuque, Iowa for Vintage Torque Fest. Unfortunately, they left me behind. When they got back though I met up with one and his ’41 International Pickup he calls The Ratbinder and did a small impromptu shoot. The whole album can be found by clicking here.  Since we were out and about anyways, I brought my car Nyx, a ’68 Ford Mustang, out to play as well. Her album is right here.



Princeton Speedway is up and running this year, with their season opener having been pushed back four weeks while good ol’ Mother Nature dumped rain on a freshly resurfaced track. A lot of drivers have fresh tin and new wraps on their cars, making the beginning of the season a riot of bright colors and clean cars… Until they get a green flag. Then all bets are off. Be sure to cruise over to the album and see what your favorite driver is racing in this year.



Lastly, I officially kicked off my 2014 car show season at Willmar Car Club’s 34th Annual Car Show last Sunday. It was a beautiful day, and the turnout was great! The nasty sunburn I got that day has just started to peel. Maybe next time I’ll think to put on sunscreen. You guessed it, the link to that gallery is right here.



So there it is! That’s what I’ve been up to since coming out of hibernation. I’ll be working on this page a bit and hopefully bringing it up to speed, then maybe it’ll be easier to keep updated. I keep waiting for it to just update itself… but no luck yet. Upcoming events include the Don Roseen Memorial Super Stock Special Friday night at Princeton Speedway, a cruise with the Minnesota Mustangs Facebook Group on Sunday, and the Jack & Jim’s Memorial Day Show on Monday. Sign up to get updates on the right or follow my Facebook page for on-the-spot updates of where I’ll be shooting next.


Til Next Time,

Bloodsucker’s Bash Car Show

Wow, I’ve fallen behind on updating this. Sorry about that! What little time I do spend at home lately is usually spent in a horizontal orientation, which means I don’t get much computer time. Now taking donations for a laptop…

Anywho, not only have I been busy with my non-photography job, the race track I shoot at, and the car shows I attend, I’m also planning my own show! BashAdIt’s been a lot of work, a lot of stress, and I’m not done yet! Still have two weeks to get this puppy put together.

I know my posts are usually akin to short stories in length, but I need to get back to building trophies! Hope to see you all at the Bash!

Shoot, Edit, Re-Edit, Shoot More…

I knew going into this summer that I was going to be busy, but this is insane! My day job is currently getting 50+ hours of my week, and the photography gets the rest of it. That said, here’s what I’ve been up to over the last couple weeks.


Upping the Editing –  Told you I was going to be working on this. I went out to Barnes &  Noble and found myself a book on Lightroom 4, and you’d better believe I read the whole dang thing in a day. $40 well spent. If you take a look at the slideshow below, there is a discernible difference between the two images. The most obvious is the watermark, that is the “After” photo.




Racing & Car Shows  –  My weekends seem busier than my weekdays with how much running around I’m doing! I have at least one event per weekend from now until snow flies (which, in Minnesota, could be next week), and many of them are booked solid and doubled up. I’ll list of what I have coming up at the end of this post. For now, here’s what I’ve been doing recently!


Jack & Jim’s Memorial Day Car Show


A lot of folks stayed away because of the rain, but it was was still a decent turnout. Definitely going to go back for their shows coming up on 4th of July and Labor Day, if only with the hopes of taking more pictures and not getting hosed out of a trophy again.

Princeton Speedway May 31, 2013


It was a beautiful night to be at the track… As long as you weren’t trying to drive on it. The sun was out, the clouds made for an amazing background, the wind was at a tolerable level and kept the dust from lingering too long. From the drivers perspective, there were nasty potholes on each end of the track big enough to swallow your car, and give you a major headache from hitting your roll cage. I won’t even go into how many restarts there were in the Mod 4 Feature. But the pictures look good! Can’t wait to see the UMSS Sprint Cars this coming Friday.

Grease Under the Nails Car & Bike Show


Check out those clouds! Yep, we got rained on. Totally worth it for shots like these, I think. For being their first show, and given the weather, we had a nice group of cars and bikes there. I know I was having a blast trying to get the best cloud-to-car ratio that I could while trying to cut out other cars. Not always an easy task. Already on the calendar for next year, May 31, 2014.

Upcoming Events –

  • Friday, June 7 – UMSS Sprint Cars at Princeton Speedway in addition to their normal race schedule. Gates at 5 PM, racing at 7 PM.
  • Saturday, June 8 – Cruze’n 4 Food in Paynesville. 9 AM – Noon.
  • Sunday, June 9 – OPEN
  • Friday, June 14 – Rum River Days at Princeton Speedway. Gates at 5 PM, racing at 7 PM.
  • Saturday, June 15 – OPEN
  • Sunday, June 16 – Father’s Day, spending it with the guy that means the most to me.
  • Friday, June 28 – Regular Race Night at Princeton Speedway. Gates at 5 PM, racing at 7 PM.
  • Saturday, June 29 – OPEN
  • Sunday, June 30 – Car Show at Douglas County Fairgrounds 8 AM – 2 PM.


So that’s what the rest of my June looks like… As you can see, the weekend of the 21st through 23rd is going to be a chrome overload. I’m okay with that! Judging by the fact you’ve made it this far into my website, I’d say you are too. If you’d like to know about new stuff when I post it, scroll down to the bottom of the page and put your email in that little box there. It’ll send my latest rant and image showcase straight to you! Then scroll on back up here. I’ll wait. …Got it? Great!

See ya next time!